Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tutorial: DIY Baby Wings

Tutorial: DIY Baby Wings

Create wings for your baby yourself, using this tutorial. Tutorial can be used for creating wings for yourself or larger children, size of items used with just need to be adjusted to accommodate size.

Items Needed -
  • 2 Wooden Embroidery Hoops (both sides need the screw, so you'll need two. the 2nd hoop that is included isn't the same size, so it isn't needed)
  • Tights or panty hose or stockings (some kind of stretch nylon material, these are preferred.) (Color, depending on what you want it to look like)
  • Pom poms (various sizes and/or colors)
  • Fabric Paint
  • Adhesive spray
  • Loose/fine glitter
  • 1/2 yard of tulle one color
  • 1/4 yard of tulle other color
  • Sewing thread
  • Sewing needle
  • Glue (depending on how hard your kid using these, I went with super industrial glue)
  • Elastic headband, aka Stretch Crochet Braid Trim (You can use a variety of items to attach, it really depends on your child)

Step One:
Remove the screw from both embroidery hoops (you will only need one to connect)

Step Two:
Carefully place the embroidery hoop within the tights. 

Step Three:
Tie off each end (tightly and so that the fabric is tight around the loop). Remember that these ends will not go away, so think about how you want to setup your wings so that you can accommodate for these knots (I put pom poms over mine)

Step Four:
Cut the ends off of the hoop. Your ends should be cut close to the knot. If you are using a stocking with a foot, you'll only need to do this once.

Step Five:
Cut a teeny tiny hole in near the metal hole and pull that out on each one.

Step Six:
Attach the hoops together like so

You now have a base of your wings.

If you would like to continue with decorating them similar to mine, please continue the tutorial. If you would like to skip to attaching the wings, continue to Step Twelve.

Step Seven:
Apply your Fabric Paint along the edges of the front portion (the side of the wing that is facing outward when it is being worn) of both sides.

Step Eight:

Using your glue, apply 5 large pom poms to the center-front of each wing (total of 10)

Step Nine:
Using your glue, apply 1 large pom pom to the end of each wing to cover up the knot made when creating the base (total of 2)

Step Ten:

Using your glue, apply 2 smaller pom poms to the middle of the wings to cover up the screws that connect the two wings.

Step Eleven:

Add tulle to your wings by sewing small strips to the back (non-decorated side) of the wing base, using your needle and thread. (Be careful not to sew into the top of the wings. Your thread should not be visible on the front of the wings)

Step Twelve:

Attach your Elastic Headband to the back (non-decorated side) using your sewing needle and thread.
Spread the headband across the back and sew it over both wing pieces. This should be sewn so that it is securely attached to both ends. This is what will attach the wings to your child.

Step Thirteen:

For a little extra sparkle, take your adhesive spray and lightly spray it once over the wings. Take your glitter and lightly dust it over your wings for desired amount of sparkle.

And you're done!


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