Monday, October 1, 2012

Tutorial: DIY Glitter Skeleton Hand Hair Clips

Tutorial: DIY Glitter Skeleton Hand Hair Clips

A fun hair accessory tutorial just in time for Halloween!

Items Needed:
  • Plastic Skeleton Hand (purchase at Michaels, Jo-Ann's or order online)
  • Alligator Clip (one per Skeleton Hand)
  • Paint brush
  • Fine Glitter (color of your choice)
  • Mod Podge
  • Crystal Clear Gloss Acrylic Spray
  • E-600 Industrial Glue
  • Paper Plate (or surface to pour glitter onto)

Step One:
Using your paint brush, paint the Mod Podge over the skeleton hand, coating BOTH sides.

Step Two:
Dump your glitter over the bottom of your skeleton hand making sure that you cover it completely.

Step Three:
Flip the skeleton hand onto it's front and coat the top with glitter, also covering it completely.

Step Four:
Wait for glitter to dry.

Step Five:
Once glitter is dried, take your industrial glue and draw a line of it on the bottom of your skeleton hand, down the center of it (the palm).

Step Six:
Place your alligator clip on top of the industrial glue and wait for it to dry (this could take up to an hour).

Step Seven:
Once the alligator clip has completely dried, take the skeleton hand OUTSIDE with your Acrylic spray (do NOT use this product inside your home, this is a VERY toxic spray and could cause brain damage if inhaled in non-ventilated areas). Once outside or in a well ventilated area, spray both sides of your skeleton hand with the acrylic spray and wait for it to dry.

Once skeleton hand is dry, repeat these steps with the other skeleton hand and you will have a set of spooky hair clips ready for Halloween or for any time you want to jazz up your do! Enjoy!


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